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Il tour del Gran Paradiso Tour del Gran Paradiso Tour del Gran Paradiso il Gran Paradiso


Soaked in the National Park of the Gran Paradiso, thanks to this trip, we’ll have the possibility to get to know the hearth of the park.
The itinerary unrolls through famous and awarded valleys like the valley of Cogne and Valsavaranche; moving to the misterious and little known valleys of Piemonte belonging to the Valle dell’Orco massif an to the Vallone del Piantonetto, to finish our loop tour in Valleile and then Cogne.
Durig the 5 days, with itineraries with BSA difficulty, we’ll enjoy the nature rich in various life forms and species from the valley floor to the glacier, 4000 mts high that we wll reach on the third day, reaching the highest italian mountain: Gran Paradiso 4061 mts high.
We will sleep in big lodges like the Chabod or Vittorio Emanuele lodge in the Gran Paradiso park and we’ll enjoy the little gems like Pontonese Lodge in Piantonetto, where the warm welcoming of Mara and her spectacular dinners will boost us up to handle the last day of our itnierary in full forces.


Gran Paradiso Tour

Moreover than amazing alpine skking days in wild and challenging valleys, we will climb up the highest peak of the massif: Gran Paradiso 4061 mts.


Good ski mountaineers -


Max 5 per Guide


National Gran Paradiso Park


March /April


5 days


To be defined depending on your requests


Per person:
1 person: 1500 €
2 persons: 800 €
3 persons: 550 €
4 persons: 480 €
5 persons: 450 €
more than 5 persons: 450 €

The investment includes

  • the assistance of the Alpine Guide UIAGM during the whole lenght of the activity.

The investment doesn’t include

  • extra expenses like cableways,refuge expenses, public or private transportation expenses.

The Alpine Guide expenses are on the partecipants.

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