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The Cervino or Matterhorn with its 4478 mts is defined as Europe’s noblest cliff.
It’s a pyramidal mountain and the principal access ways climbs up on two elegant ridges.
The Lion’s Ridge, aka the regular Italian way, runs on the south-western ridge, the Hornli Ridge on the other side, aka the regular swiss way, runs on the north eastern side.
In 1865 a veritable race took place along both ways in order to decide who was going to climb up to the top first.
Nowaday both ways have fixed ropes in the most difficult points but this doesn’t belittle the alpine characteristics of the ascent. For both ways the ascent requires commitment and therefore the reaching of the top is an extremely satisfying experience you will recall for the times to come.



Specific equipment:

Climbing harness, crampons, helmet and ice axe


Matterhorn 4478 m

The Matterhorn is the perfect mountain, it looks fierce and majestic from each and every side.Climb to the top of the Gran Becca is a unique and great satisfaction.




A participant per Mountain Guide




July/ September


two/three days


Depending on your request


 Lion’s Ridge or Hornli Ridge: 1200 € (for 3 days it’s an extra 300 €)
Traverse: 1400 € 

The investment includes

  • the assistance of the Alpine Guide UIAGM during the whole lenght of the activity.

The investment doesn’t include

  • extra expenses like cableways,refuge expenses, public or private transportation expenses.

The Alpine Guide expenses are on the partecipants.

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