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Courmayeur ski resort is known for the balcony it offers on the Monte Bianco massif.
Together with your Alpine Guide you’ll be able to adventure on the most remote corners of the resort and -if you wish- in the earth of the massif.
During one or two days we could ski on the most well-known freeride itineraries or cope with most challenging itineraries and steep that sometimes develop on glaciers like the Toula glacier.
The Vallèe Blanche descent is a 24 Km slope with 2400 m high difference.
Thanks to the new Monte Bianco Sky Way, we’ll reach Punta Helbronner beyond 3400 m high, our trip will start from there, a mytical and impressing slope.
We will ski on one of the most extended glaciers in Europe, la Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice). The slope is accessible to whomever can ski down a black slope with ease.
Following the Alpine Guide instructions we’ll be able to adventure into the guts of the glacier in total security.
We’ll cross ice bridges and canyons, surrounded by 400mts mountain tops. If weather allows it, we’ll then reach the village of Chamonix with the skis at our feet, where a good refreshment awaits us before returning to Courmayeur, with one more adventure under our belt to tell our friends.

Specific equipment:

Artva, shovel, probe, harness. Security material can be provided by the organization.


Monte Bianco Freeride

Juggling through glaciers, open descents and small woods we will decide wherether to adventure in the earth of the massif or to ski along it to admire it. This offer is for anyone that loves powder skiing and mountains


Good skiers


Max 8 per Guide




December/ April


One day


To be defined depending on your requests


Group investment:
1 participant: 350 €
20€ extra for each person

The investment includes

  • the assistance of the Alpine Guide UIAGM during the whole lenght of the activity.

The investment doesn’t include

  • extra expenses like cableways,refuge expenses, public or private transportation expenses.

The Alpine Guide expenses are on the partecipants.

Request Information and Reservations

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