Monviso dalla Udine
Via normale del Monviso Monviso Vetta del MOnviso Alba sul Monviso


For its size and unmistakable shape, the Monviso is called the Stone King. It does indeed rules over the surrounding mountains and seen from some perspectives appears to be the highest top of the western alpine arch.
The ascent happens in two days, the first one dedicated to reach the lodge Quintino Sella, hiking through a beautiful path through the meadows, small lakes and morains. The hike of the second day is way more alpinistic and consider the circumnavigation towards the South of the mountain through a via ferrata (equipped climbing paths)and the ascent to the top through the southern side.
The regular way, without ever turning to extreme, is complex and rich in rock segments that lead the alpinists to move with caution and roped together. For that same reason, the descent is equally long and demanding so, as you say, “when the top is reached, the journey is not over yet”.

Specific equipment:

Climbing harness and helmet


Monviso 3841m

Perhaps because you can see it from the plains and beyond, Monviso is a mountain that attracts. And the normal way is not so difficult …


Expert hikers


Max 3 per Guide


Po Valley - Piemont


June/ October


two/three days


Check our calendar to know when we'll reach the Monviso!

Free dates to be defined based on your requirements.


Group Investment
1 participant: 550 €
2 participants: 600 €
3 participants: 650 €

To go up the Monviso in three days, provide an additional cost of € 250

The investment includes

  • the assistance of the Alpine Guide UIAGM during the whole lenght of the activity.

The investment doesn’t include

  • extra expenses like cableways,refuge expenses, public or private transportation expenses.

The Alpine Guide expenses are on the partecipants.

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