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Dent Blanche Eccles Doufour Cresta dei Lyskamm


The first lines to bewitch the look of the alpinists by the end of 1800s haven’t lost their charm yet.
The great ridges of the Alps, starting from Bernina to the Ecrins, are elegnt itineraries and rich in history, ride them means experiencing great days on the mountains breathing in “alpinism” at the top of your lungs.
Together with your Alpine Guide you can ride the ridge that tickles you the most or, together, pick the perfect itinerary for you.


The great ridges of the Alps

The ridges were one of the first itineraries climbed by the pioneers f alpinism to reach mountain tops. They still have this charm nowaday thanks to their elegance and some of those became cornerstones of the alpinism you won’t want to miss.


Variable depending on the ascent you choose.


Max 2 per Guide




June to September


Depending on your request


Starting from 500€

To be defined based on the ridge you choose.

The investment includes

  • the assistance of the Alpine Guide UIAGM during the whole lenght of the activity.

The investment doesn’t include

  • extra expenses like cableways,refuge expenses, public or private transportation expenses.

The Alpine Guide expenses are on the partecipants.

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